Welcome to North Carolina Trout Unlimited


The North Carolina Council of Trout Unlimited (TU) is a coalition of volunteers from the state’s 14 TU chapters who serve as the key link between local chapters and the national TU organization.

The mission of the council, like that of TU nationally, is to conserve, protect and restore coldwater fisheries. Throughout North Carolina, the council leads advocacy efforts, fosters widespread understanding of the significance of the coldwater resource and nurtures chapter development and grassroots conservation.

Among the North Carolina Council’s current programs are the following:

* Supporting the Rivercourse Cold Water Conservation and Youth Fly Fishing, held each June at Lake Logan Canton, NC. 


* Nearly 5,000 members and 14 chapters strong, The North Carolina Council of Trout Unlimited’s primary mission is to provide support to all of our chapters and members, to build relationships with like-minded volunteer organizations across the state, to enhance TU’s relationships with the United States Forest Service, North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, the North Carolina Division of Parks and Recreation and other key government agency partners, and to be a facilitator and steward of our combined resources and capabilities.


*Most of the state council’s funding comes from the sale of our state’s TU “Back the Brookie” license plates and rebates from membership dues received by TU. The rebates are shared with chapters according to membership; the license plate revenue is used to fund council operations including support for Rivercourse, conservation projects and modest conservation program grants, grants to other organizations and other needs as financially feasible and deemed appropriate by the council.


* Encouraging establishment of Trout in the Classroom (TIC) programs throughout the state to teach youngsters in grades K-12 about aquatic habitats and creatures, and about the importance of preserving and protecting them.

* Distinctive and coordinated endeavors to attract young people, women, military veterans, first responders – specifically members of the fire service, medical, and law enforcement communities, and their families to active participation in TU—enlarging our capabilities for grassroots conservation work.

* Establishing liaison among North Carolina TU chapters; helping them solve problems ranging from fundraising to membership recruitment; guiding them in carrying out TU’s national policies and objectives; helping them communicate with national TU staff, the National Leadership Council and the Board of Trustees.

As a result of these programs and of hard work by TU volunteers statewide, the North Carolina Council brought home TU National Awards from the 2018 & 2019 annual meeting.


Distinguished Service - Veterans Services: Lynn Marilla

Distinguished Service - Communications: NC Council


Distinguished Youth Education: Zoe Mihalas


The North Carolina Council, despite all its connections to the chapters and the national organization, is an autonomous entity, holding its own employer identification number and filing its own tax forms. For a list of the North Carolina TU Chapters and their contact information, click here.