Staffing For Rivercourse 2021

Below is a list of the Men and Women who were integral in the overall sucess of Rivercourse Youth Camp June 24, 2021. 


John Costa (Rocky River Chapter)

Kenny Davenport (Henderson, NC) 

Jim Mackey (Rocky River)

Jim Smalley (Rocky River)

Chuck Harrell (Tuskaseegee Chapter)

Brian Esque (Rocky River Chapter)

Jeff Sabatula (Unaka Chapter)

Terry Williams (Unaka Chapter)

John Benbow (Rocky River Chapter)

Deb Paschall (Gordonsville, TN)

Franklin Tate (Land O' Sky Chapter)

Cemo McConnell (Rivercourse Co-Director)

Josh Garris (Rivercourse Director)

Chris Marok (Unaka Chapter)